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LazyLine NFL Week 7 Betting Selections

Last week we bet with the squares, taking two favorites of 7 points or more. And we paid the price, going 0-3 for the week. This week we’ll try to bet like the sharps and reverse that horrible outcome at the betting windows.

Results for the year: 6 wins and 6 losses against the spread, with 8 […]

LazyLine NFL Week 6 Betting Selections

Two picks last week. Both were winners. The Chargers blew out the Jets. And the Seahawks won and covered as road favs in Washington despite having 3 TDs nullified because of penalties.

Results for the year: 6 wins and 3 losses against the spread, with 8 winning units vs. 3 losing units. (Using $100 as a base […]

LazyLine NFL Week 5 Betting Selections

One pick. One big 2-unit win. That’s the tally for last week, when we bet 2 units on the Packers in Chicago. The new tally for the year: 4 wins and 3 losses, and 6 winning units vs. 3 losing units. We see two games offering value this week:

NY Jets at San Diego
Official Line: San Diego -7
Lazy Line: San […]

LazyLine NFL Week 4 Betting Selections

Other than a momentary lapse of reason that had us backing Ryan Fitzpatrick on the road, we were perfect in week 3, hitting 3 of 4 games. With our 2-unit bet on the Seahawks, we notched 4 winning units. That elevates us into the profit zone for the year: 4 wnning units, 3 losing units. […]

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LazyLine NFL Week 3 Betting Selections

We stumbled out of the gate with our belated Week #2 debut, going 0-2 with a couple of single-unit picks. We’ll attempt to repair the damage with these Week #3 selections:

Washington at Philly
Official Line: Philly -6
Lazy Line: Philly -2. Washington is a 1-unit play.
Philly is not a strong home team. They went 4-4 last year at home. If […]

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NFL Super Bowl: Lazy Line Pick Prevails!

After dancing around the .500 mark all year, the Lazy Line picks ended with a flourish. In nearly omniscient detail (read here), we nailed the winner of the Super Bowl for 4 units. Prior to that we added a bunch of points on our side of the scoreboard with a 4-unit play on the Seahawks over the 49ers.

That […]

NFL Conference Wrap-Up

The Seahawks delivered a 4-unit win for us, putting the Lazy Line picks in the black. Since we started posting them in Week 13, we’ve notched 8 wins and 8 losses and a push. However, in terms of betting units, we now stand at 16-13. (We erroneously totaled our units as 13-14 last week, but the […]

NFL: Conference Championship Lazy Line Picks

The Lazy Line picks went 1-1 last week, bringing the totals to 7-8-1 since we started displaying them in Week 13. In terms of betting units, we’ve notched 13 wins vs. 14 losing units. Still in the red.

Patriots at Broncos: Broncos -5.5
Lazy Line: Broncos -6. No play.
Comments: For about the 12th time this year, […]

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NFL Divisional Round (Part 2)

Earlier today we posted the Panthers (pick ’em) as a 2-unit play over the 49ers. After further consideration, we’re adding the Chargers to our weekend ticket as another 2-unit splurge.

Chargers at Broncos (-10)
Lazy Line: Broncos -6. Chargers a 2-unit play.
Comment: Chargers’ coach Mike McCoy demonstrated twice this year that his familiarity with the players […]

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

The single Lazy Line pick pushed last week, with the Colts tying the spread when defeating the Chiefs. That brings the yearly total (since posting online in Week 13) to 6-7-1, with 10 units of wins and 11 units of losses. Only one pick this week too.

49ers at Panthers pick ’em
Lazy Line: Panthers -4. […]