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NFL Week #16 Lazy Line Plays

Last week the Lazy Line plays were 1-1, but the losing Browns were a 2-unit play while the winning Colts were a 1-unit play.

Since we started posting Lazy Line plays in week #13, we’ve gone 5-4 against the spread (ATS) with 9 units of profit and 6 units of losses. Now we head to […]

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NFL Betting: Week 14 Lazy Line Wagers

Last week the Lazy Lines¬†selections yielded one win vs. the spread and 3 losses¬†(for a total of 2 betting units up and 4 units down). The Cardinals (+3.5) gave me 2 units to the plus side by losing by just 3 to the Eagles. The Rams failed to cover in S.F. (minus 1 unit), […]

NFL Betting: Week 13 Lazy Line Wagers

This marks the first week that I publish my Lazy Line selections for the NFL. Bucking the concept of bad luck, I make my debut in Week 13!

Just a few games qualify under my system:

Cardinals at Eagles -3.5
Lazy Line: Cardinals -1. Cardinals are a 2-unit play.

Buccaneers at Panthers -7.5
Lazy Line: Panthers -3. Buccaneers are […]