The guide that chose the derby winner 5 of the past 6 years!

Picking the Kentucky Derby winner is now an open-book test!

Flip through The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby and you’ll see how the victors reveal themselves in the Derby prep races.

While researching Derby past performances back to 1992 for the Guide, I discovered a combination of factors that predicted winners with stunning regularity. That combo pinpointed 5 winners in the first 5 years after publication. More importantly it shows a positive ROI since publication and since 1992.


Muddy track. Dry track. The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby survived sun and storm at Churchill Downs. My annual Kentucky Derby previews verify the book’s success.

I invite you to join its writer and readers. Move beyond conjecture and discover the factors that foreshadow Derby success. 

  • CAUTION: EPA guidelines suggest wearing gloves when handling Kentucky Derby material as hot as the following paragraphs. However, judicious use of this material can pay your energy bill. Ever since I

  • April 13 marked the end of the 2019 Derby prep season. The Arkansas Derby and Lexington Stakes wrapped up a crazy early-blooming spring, in which minor preps rang up stronger clockings than major late

  • It’s springtime! Dreams of Kentucky Derby fame dance in the heads of hundreds of thoroughbred owners and trainers. In March and April they’ll maneuver their best three-year-old horses through qualifyi

Always Better.