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About The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby


While researching Derby contestants back to 1992, I found factors that predicted winners with stunning regularity. Those factors zeroed in on 5 winners in the first 5 years after publication. More importantly they show a positive ROI since publication and since 1992.


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About The Punter’s Tale (A Bettor’s Quest for Racetrack Profits)


When should you bet against the favorite? When should you respect the crowd’s top choice? With art, poetry and cold hard facts, The Punter’s Tale exposes the strengths and flaws of toteboard favorites.

Meet the unforgettable “Falling Knife,” “Piper’s Fife,” and “Mustachioed Wife” as they open the door to greater profit.


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  • These free picks are based on methods and research presented in The Punter’s Tale (A Bettor’s Quest for Racetrack Profits). The book shows how to turn a profit in two steps: `1. Identify a

  • In a 2017 article on the lazybettor.com site, I referred to the Belmont Stakes as “the last bastion of racing’s upper crust.” More regularly than in the Kentucky Derby, winners claim some affiliation

  • CAUTION: EPA guidelines suggest wearing gloves when handling Kentucky Derby material as hot as the following paragraphs. However, judicious use of this material can pay your energy bill. Ever since I

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