2016 NFL Week 12 Bets

I was unable to post my Lazy Line picks for Week 11. Prior to that, in Week 10, the picks went 2-2 against the spread. The season total for win/losses vs. the spread is 10-7-2. In terms of betting units, my record stands at 13-9-2, or +4 units. Assuming $100 units, I’m up $310 for the season.

I see 1 legit favorite this week and 1 worthy ‘dog.

NFL Week 12 Lazy Line Bets
Seahawks –6.0 at the Buccaneers
Lazy Line: Seahawks –7.5

Lately the Bucs have played well, with an upset win in KC last week topping off their good run. The party is over.

The +10 turnover ratio the Bucs have posted over the past several games takes a sharp turn for the worse this week. The Seattle offense doesn’t turn the ball over, and their defense gets plenty of pressure on opposing QBs.

With QB Wilson healthy and a fresh Thomas Rawls in the backfield, the Seattle offense re-emerged in the past 2 weeks as one of the NFL’s best. This juggernaut is picking up speed. Pity all who stand in their way. But don’t pity them so much that you fail to profit from their miseries.

Bet the Seahawks for 2 units.

Chargers –3.0 at Texans
Lazy Line: Texans –1.0

The Texans got robbed in Mexico! If you pencil in last week’s game as a win over the then 7-2 Raiders, you’re looking at a 7-3 Houston team this week. Now they take on the 4-6 Chargers as underdogs at home!

Perhaps the only complimentary thing I can say about Texans QB Osweiler is that his mediocrity is creating value for anyone impressed with the playoff-caliber Texans defense.

Bet the Texans for 1 unit, and cover your eyes for half the game.

Roger LeBlanc

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