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2016 NFL Action: Week 5 Bets

NFL Action. . .
Value Bets & Lazy Lines

The delayed start to the Lazy Bettor NFL betting season served us well. The Lazy Line analysis and bet of the Seahawks (–2) over the Jets was right on target, and my analysis of the O/U opportunity (betting the under) in the Broncos at Bucs game couldn’t […]

2016 NFL Week 4 Bets

Week 4 Lazy Line Bet Seattle –2 at NY Jets Lazy Line: Seattle –4
The focus around the blogosphere is on Russell Wilson’s mobility and his ability to elude the superb Jets’ pass rush. That’s  a valid concern, especially given the sketchy performance this year of the Seahawks’ offensive line.
The real crux of this […]

The Lazy Line Super Bowl Bet: Value and Defense

What a rough year for the Lazy Line! Nearly 6 units down with just one game left to get it back. Fortunately, value raises its razorlike beak for the NFL’s grand finale.
Panthers vs. Broncos
Vegas Line: Panthers -6 points
Lazy Line: Broncos -3 points. Broncos are an 8-unit play.
Analysis: All surface observations favor the Panthers. MVP quarterback. Blowout […]

Divisional Round Playoffs: Lazy Line Betting Selections

Last week the Vikings laid wood to the Seahawks, but failed to nail the final field goal. Their effort was good enough to wipe out my slim profit for the year, though. This week I go back to one of the most reliable bets in the NFL over the past 4 seasons: the Seahawks […]

NFL Wildcard Round: Lazy Line Bets

NFL Wildcard Round: Lazy Line Bets
Last week’s winning bet on the Raiders game lifts the season’s profits to $140 (if using $100 betting units). I’ll try to add to that with one key pick in the Wildcard Round.
Seahawks at Vikings
Vegas Line: Seahawks -5 points
Lazy Line: Seahawks -9 points. Seahawks are a 2-unit bet.
Analysis: The Seahawks have […]

NFL Week #17: Lazy Line Betting Selections

NFL Week #17: Lazy Line Picks
Last week’s winning bet on the Over 48.5 in the Redskins vs. Eagles game puts me in the profit zone for the year. Up $40 (if using $100 betting units).
This week’s games are full of landmines like coaches slated to be fired, backup QBs running the show, and top players […]

NFL Week #16: Lazy Line Betting Selections

NFL Week #16:
Lazy Line Picks

Roger LeBlanc
Last week’s winning bets on the Cardinals and Seahawks cut the seasonal deficit by more than half. I’ll try to erase the remaining $160 in losses before the playoffs.
I’ll avoid the Backup-QB Bingo going on in many NFL cities:

A plague has descended upon starting QBs in Texas. That means I […]

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NFL Week #15: Lazy Line Picks

NFL Week #15:
Lazy Line Picks

Roger LeBlanc

The Seahawks and Raiders lived up to their spread-busting potential last week. That gave me 2 victories in 3 tries. This week I’ll bet the following underappreciated teams help me extend that winning streak to two weeks.

Cardinals at Eagles
Vegas Line: Cardinals -3.5 points
Lazy Line: Cardinals -7 points. Cards are a 2-unit […]

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NFL Week #14 Lazy Line Betting Selections

NFL Week #14:
Lazy Line Picks

Prior to taking an unexpected hiatus from giving sketchy NFL betting advice, I recommended betting Seattle over Arizona in Week 10. After losing that game, the Seahawks rattled off three awesome performances, covering the spread each time. I’ll attempt to make up for that bad timing with multiple plays this week.

NFL […]

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NFL Week 10: Lazy Line Betting Selections

The losses are piling up! It’s time to crank up the “Way Back” machine to when Russell Wilson and the Seahawks acted like my personal ATM machine. The 3-point spread at home looks like a multi-unit play this week.

NFL Week #10 Lazy Line
Betting Selections

Cardinals at Seahawks
Vegas Line: Seahawks -3
Lazy Line: Seahawks -6. Bet 2 units […]

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