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NFL Week #9: Lazy Line Betting Selections

NFL Week #9:
Lazy Line Picks

In Week 8, I got to experience what it’s like to be a Cleveland Browns fan. Getting 6 points at home against Arizona, the Browns surged to a 20-7 lead, and my bet looked like money in the bank. However, the Cardinals outscored the Browns 27-0 from that point on. Let’s hope […]

NFL Week #8: Lazy Line Betting Selections

No bets in Week 7 after one losing bet in Week 6.

Just one bet in Week 8. I take a big swing with the lowly Browns.

NFL Week #8 Lazy Line
Betting Selections

Cardinals at Browns
Vegas Line: Cardinals -6
Lazy Line: Cardinals -3. Bet 2 units on the Browns

Overappreciated vs. underappreciated.

Season Totals (assuming $100 units):

3 wins, 3 losses. 9 winning […]

NFL Week #6: Lazy Line Betting Selections

I found bets in 4 of the 5 weeks of pro football, and found profit in 3 of those 4 weeks. Here in Week #6 of the NFL season, I risk all of that profit on one team I see as grossly underrated under the circumstances against a vastly overrated favorite.
NFL Week #6 Lazy […]

NFL Week #5: Lazy Line Selections

Even though my perfect record got dinged in Week #4, my NFL betting selections turned a profit for the week and continued increasing the season’s bankroll. The Falcons built a 42-0 lead over the Texans in a game that the Lazy Line pegged as a likely blowout. I cashed a 4-unit bet on that […]

NFL Week 4: Lazy Line Betting Selections

Week #4:
Lazy Line Picks

I enter week #4 with a perfect record and a $500 profit. As you can tell, I’ve been restricting my bets severely compared to the last 2 years (one profitable year and one losing year). Let’s see if the change in strategy produces 3 profitable (or perfect) weeks in a row.

I had […]

NFL Week #2: Lazy Line Picks

Odds makers and pro bettors love to hate the Arizona Cardinals. Despite being 7-0 in the recent past with Carson Palmer at QB, few bettors rate the Cards as an elite team. The Lazy Line puts them well above the talent-starved Bears this week and makes them the first multi-unit play of the year.

Cardinals […]

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Lazy Line Picks Open NFL Season with Profit

Over the past 2 seasons of making public betting selections, I entered Super Bowl week nearly even. In 2013, the Lazy Line produced 2o winning units vs. 13 losing ones, for a $570 profit (using $100 units).

In 2014, I owned a losing record of 37 winning units to 36 losing ones prior to the Super […]

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NFL Week #1: Return of the Lazy Line

The Lazy Line picks rallied from a regular season deficit to come within one play of profitability. The Russell Wilson interception that ended Seattle’s Super Bowl repeat hopes also ended our hopes of logging two consecutive profitable seasons with the Lazy Line picks.
Even though I deplore early-season wagering, I found three plays that qualify […]

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SMP Week #11 Bets

Week #11 of the Saturday Morning Post (April 18th edition) features 4 bets:
Keeneland, Race 3
6 furlongs, dirt
#5 Margate Gardens (8–1) $20 win/place
Keeneland, Race 7
8 furlongs, turf
#5 Seeking Alpha (7–2) $20 win/place (only if on turf)
Aqueduct, Race 7
8.5 furlongs, turf
#2 Jackie Black (6–1) $20 win/place
Hawthorne, Race 3
5.5 furlongs, turf
#5 Nevrmesswithrichie (4–1) $20 win/place (only if on turf)

GET PUMPED! The Lazy Bettor Super Bowl Pick Is Here

The Lazy Line selections stumble into the Super Bowl showing a slight loss for the season. Battered sails be damned! There’s some durable duct tape keeping our bet-boat afloat. It’s our maximum-bet selections.

We nailed 8 of our 11 prime bets over the past two NFL seasons, including 4-unit wins in last year’s NFC Championship game and the […]