I found bets in 4 of the 5 weeks of pro football, and found profit in 3 of those 4 weeks. Here in Week #6 of the NFL season, I risk all of that profit on one team I see as grossly underrated under the circumstances against a vastly overrated favorite.

NFL Week #6 Lazy Line
Betting Selections

Giants at Eagles
Vegas Line: Eagles -4.5
Lazy Line: Giants 3. Bet 4 units on the Giants

Sam Bradford played his first decent half of football as an Eagle, and everyone thinks he’s the 2nd coming of…hmmm, Ron Jaworski? Unfortunately, he is the 2nd coming of Sam Bradford and that’s all.

Season Totals (assuming $100 units):

3 wins, 2 losses. 9 winning units, 5 losing units. Profit of $350.

Roger LeBlanc