Week 4 Lazy Line Bet Seattle 2 at NY Jets Lazy Line: Seattle –4

The focus around the blogosphere is on Russell Wilson’s mobility and his ability to elude the superb Jets’ pass rush. That’s  a valid concern, especially given the sketchy performance this year of the Seahawks’ offensive line.

The real crux of this matter, though, is how many time Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will turn the ball over. The dude has been an interception machine throughout his career, and he returned to “top” form last week by tossing 6 INTs! He now faces possibly the best defense in the NFL. Surely his performance will be much worse than Wilson’s.

Whatever slight home-field advantage the Jets might have dissipates as soon as the boos for Fitzpatick’s miscues (or just a few 3-and-outs) fill the Jersey Shore breezes blowing gently across the bright green gridiron.

Enough bad poetry. Give the 2 points and take the Seahawks for 1 unit.

Week 4 O/U Speculation NY Giants at Vikings, 43.5 points Broncos at Buccaneers, 43.5 points

The Giants average 7 yards per play so far this year. Eli Manning will throw and throw, and if he’s intercepted a few times, he’ll throw even more. You can count on the Giants to either score a few TDs or give away a few…or maybe even do both.

On the other side, the Vikings offense figures to improve as late-arrival Sam Bradford actually begins to learn the names of his teammates. And facing a poor Giants secondary, you can expect Bradford and associates to score a bit more than in their first three outings together.

Skipping down to the Bay…. The inexperienced TB QB Winston is likely to have lots of problems moving the ball against the Broncos. The Tampa coaching staff admitted they want him to throw less, so expect lots of clock-eating running plays from the Bucs in the first half. Although Denver’s offense will improve as their new QB gets more comfortable, he’s an inexperienced QB on the road.

The play here is to bet the Under in the Broncos/Bucs matchup. You can make a case for betting the Over in the Giants/Vikings game, but that option seems shakier than betting 1 unit on a low-score outcome in Florida.

Roger LeBlanc