Egad! What a horrible week!

The Lazy Line led us astray as the Panthers pounced all over the Cardinals and ripped 2 units from the bankroll. Then I whiffed on 2 of the 3 Over/Under selections. Ouch!

In terms of betting units, my season betting record is now 8-7-1, or +1 units. Assuming $100 units, I’m up $30 for the season.

Am I just punch drunk in taking the “squares” side of three games this week?

NFL Week 9 Lazy Line Bets
Cowboys (–7) at Browns
Lazy Line: Cowboys –10

The Cowboys powerful run game calls the shots here against one of the 5 worst run defenses in the NFL. That should allow Dallas QB Prescott to resume his mistake-free career and put at least 4 TDs on the board.

I like the Browns rookie QB so far, but his receivers aren’t good and neither are his blockers. I expect the Browns to turn over the ball a few times, adding to the deficit the poor defense creates.

Let’s go with a 1-unit bet on the ‘Boys.

Saints (–5) at 49ers
Lazy Line: Saints –10

We all knew the Saints could score, but who expected them to play defense too? Last week they held back a slightly improved Seattle offense. Given the dominance of the Saints offense in most games, that’s about all the defense the team really needs.

The really bad news for the 49ers’ pitiful run defenders is that the Saints offensive line blew open holes in the stout Seattle front 7 well enough to establish a decent run game.

With no QB or receivers to exploit any part of the Saints defense, the 49ers can’t possibly stay within 5-point spread. Right?

Let’s go with a 2-unit bet on the Saints.

Panthers (–3) at Rams
Lazy Line: Panthers –7

Rams coach Jeff Fisher performs well as an underdog. That gives me a vague sense of dread as I pick the Panthers here. But Fisher doesn’t have many cards to play here.

The Rams do a very poor job of protecting their QB, so they probably can’t exploit the weak (but improving) Panthers secondary. The Panthers also do a great job of shutting down the run, so the Rams won’t be putting up points or controlling field position with Todd Gurley.

On the defensive side, the Rams might slow down the Panthers revitalized run attack, but they won’t stop it completely. And with as little pressure as the Rams put on opposing QBs, Cam Newton should be able to make up through the air what few yards might be lost on the ground.

Let’s go with a 1-unit bet on the Panthers.

Roger LeBlanc