Last week the Lazy Line inflated the line on some big favorites, spotting added advantages that would expand the expected margin of victory for the Saints, Cowboys and Panthers. The Lazy Line proved highly accurate, going 2-0-1 on those three selections, including a 2-unit score on the Saints!

My season betting record is now 8-5-2 picking against the spread. In terms of betting units, my record stands at 11-7-2, or +4 units. Assuming $100 units, I’m up $330 for the season.

I see 3 legit favorites this week and 1 worthy ‘dog.

NFL Week 10 Lazy Line Bets
Cowboys at Steelers –2.5
Lazy Line: Cowboys –1

The Cowboys powerful run game likely slows down here, but not entirely and not entirely because of the Steelers defense. When facing an allegedly solid Packers run defense in Green Bay a few weeks ago, Dallas head coach Garret came out throwing. And throwing successfully. I look for the same strategy to unfold here.

The Steelers offense struggled mightily vs. the Ravens last week. Big Ben looked like he discharged himself from the ER a few weeks too soon, his receivers dropped balls and stumbled around aimlessly, and the run game got stuffed. I’m willing to bet 1 unit that the Steelers didn’t solve all these ills in the past week.

Broncos Saints –3
Lazy Line: Saints –6

The Saints donated 2 units to my bankroll last week, but that’s not why I’m riding them again. Their high-powered offense faces a Broncos defense that has been reeling and now travels without DE Derek Wolfe and CB Aqib Talib. Drew Brees likely will continue to pile up points.

The Broncos are hurting on offense also, with RB CJ Anderson out and his replacement (Booker) suffering from fumble-itis. The QB play for Denver has been less than stellar all season. Fine coaching might save them from being blown out, but covering the 3 points might be tough for them, so I’ll bet on the other side.

Let’s go with a 1-unit bet on the Saints.

Falcons (–1) at Eagles
Lazy Line: Falcons –4

My research shows a strong trend of road favorites with high-powered offenses being able to cover on the road. I trust this game will serve as a prime example.

The Falcons offense puts up points as well as any offense in the NFL. The Eagles secondary is weak, and their overall tackling last week was pathetic. Look for another 30+ points for the Falcons in this game.

With Eagles QB Carson Wentz completing just a tiny percentage of passes longer than 15 yards in the air, the Eagles will have trouble matching TD drives with the Falcons.

Let’s go with a 1-unit bet on the Falcons.

Vikings at Washington –2.5
Lazy Line: Washington –4

I expected Washington to dominate the NFC East this year. Last year, Coach Gruden transformed QB Cousins into a top NFL passer and put together an offensive line that deserves much more recognition than it gets. In the offseason lots of cash and draft picks were spent on beefing up the defense. Now, after a rocky start in the first half of the season, the whole plan is coming together.

At the same time, the master plan for the Vikings is falling to pieces. Injuries have left them with one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, no running game, and a QB constantly under siege. The defense is beginning to wear down and pile up a few key injuries of their own. The departure of highly predictable OC Norv Turner will help the Vikings eventually, but first they need to learn how to block.

Let’s go with a 1-unit bet on the Washington.

Roger LeBlanc