What a rough ride 2017 has been! I have more saddle sores than a greenhorn riding bareback on a porcupine.

Unlike the 2016 prep season, when I turned a small profit on my prep-race bets, I have been shut out of the winner’s circle. Fortunately, cluelessness didn’t strike me down until late February, after I made a few wise wagers in Kentucky Derby Futures Pool #2 (Jan. 27–29) and Futures Pool #3 (Feb. 24–26).

My Pool #2 bets include $20 exactas with Battalion Runner, 2nd in the Wood Memorial Stakes last week, and Practical Joke, 2nd in the Blue Grass Stakes last week, on top of about a dozen Derby horses captured with one bet by using the #24 All Other Horses option in the place spot. That translates to a payoff of $3,800 if Battalion Runner wins the Kentucky Derby and $2,100 if Practical Joke hits the wire first.

In Pool #3 in February I focused on two runners who, as of this writing, still have a shot at making the Kentucky Derby starting gate. I doubled down on Battalion Runner in the Win pool, where the odds increased by about 50% from what they were in Pool #2. And I added a $10 Win flyer on Petrov, who ended up at 73-1 despite finishing 2nd for the third time in Oaklawn Park’s Derby prep schedule.

I certainly wouldn’t complain if one of those exactas hit and wiped out my current $266 deficit 10 times over. Or if Petrov put $700 in my pocket. However, these are not the contenders I’d bet if the Kentucky Derby was contested today. And as the past 3 years since the publication of my book has shown, my final analysis tends to be my most accurate.

Stay tuned to this website!

Roger LeBlanc
April 14, 2017