Last week the Lazy Lines selections yielded one win vs. the spread and 3 losses (for a total of 2 betting units up and 4 units down). The Cardinals (+3.5) gave me 2 units to the plus side by losing by just 3 to the Eagles. The Rams failed to cover in S.F. (minus 1 unit), the Buccaneers failed to cover in Carolina (minus 1 unit), and the Chargers failed to cover at home vs. the Bengals (minus 2 units).

I’ll strive to reach the profit zone with quality rather than quantity this week:

Bills at Buccaneers -2.5
Lazy Line: Bucs -6. The Bucs are 2-unit play. Beyond the factors used to make my line, I like the Bucs to rebound off a harsh loss to a division rival.

Panthers at Saints -2.5
Lazy Line: Saints -7. Saints are a 2-unit play. The rebound-off-a-loss angle should help here too. And like the Bucs, the Saints get to recover their pride at home.

Seahawks at 49ers -2.5
Lazy Line: Seahawks -1. Seahawks are a 2-unit play. Beyond the factors tallied in the line, I see the Seahawks as a team well-constructed to stop a QB like Kaepernick. That has certainly been the case this year and last.