Here at we share your passion for cashing. Most people lack time to research and construct winning betting strategies. To ferry folks o’er that financial fjord, we devise clever shortcuts to wagering profits.

The team steers clear of games of chance. In most casino games, Lady Luck appears infrequently and Count Vigorish siphons the lifeblood from all gamblers who stick out their necks.

A card game where the house holds a 5% edge on the player? Now that’s a real-life vampire!

A state lottery paying out only half of what it takes in? They’ve come to suck your blood!

We study games of skill and seek to leverage unique insights and mathematical advantages. When certain strategies show steady profits, we publish them. We proudly present The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby: 3 Easy Angles as our first effort along those lines.

The Lazy Bettor's Guide to the Kentucky Derby

On this site, you discover statistically sound angles wrung from creative ideas and reality-based research. We search far and wide for undervalued facts and then test their performance in various scenarios. Wander the witless districts of the Web to find false promises of gambling success for roulette, slots, lotteries and keno. Or kick back and picnic here on the shores of gambling reality.

“Sunlight is the best antiseptic,” the truthseekers say. It’s also the best investment counselor. Toss in creativity as a catalyst, and that describes in a nutshell!

We moor our craft in sunny inlets: sports books and racetrack pari-mutuel pools. Here risk resembles a lapping tide, not a violent swell. Here contrarian views float you above takeouts and rakes. We hope you stick around to enjoy the view.

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