Whether he writes of Barcelona, bicycling or betting strategies, Mark Cramer always maps out fascinating new territory for his readers. You can treat yourself to one of his novels, travel guides or handicapping books at Altiplano Publications. In his latest book, Handicapping on the Road, Cramer introduces readers to European horse racing via his bicycle tour of the grand old racetracks of France. If you’re staying on this side of the pond, we highly recommend his classic Kinky Handicapping, also available on the Altiplano website.

Mark was kind enough to write the Foreword for the print version of The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby. We thank him for his careful reading of the manuscript and his high praise of the completed work.

From the Foreword:

“Within a few pages it became apparent that there had been a gaping hole in my awareness
of the dynamics of the Derby, and probably of other complex stakes races as
well. There are discoveries in this volume that could become milestones in the
intellectual development of horse race handicappers.”