NFL Conference Wrap-Up

The Seahawks delivered a 4-unit win for us, putting the Lazy Line picks in the black. Since we started posting them in Week 13, we’ve notched 8 wins and 8 losses and a push. However, in terms of betting units, we now stand at 16-13. (We erroneously totaled our units as 13-14 last week, but the […]

NFL: Conference Championship Lazy Line Picks

The Lazy Line picks went 1-1 last week, bringing the totals to 7-8-1 since we started displaying them in Week 13. In terms of betting units, we’ve notched 13 wins vs. 14 losing units. Still in the red.

Patriots at Broncos: Broncos -5.5
Lazy Line: Broncos -6. No play.
Comments: For about the 12th time this year, […]

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NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

The single Lazy Line pick pushed last week, with the Colts tying the spread when defeating the Chiefs. That brings the yearly total (since posting online in Week 13) to 6-7-1, with 10 units of wins and 11 units of losses. Only one pick this week too.

49ers at Panthers pick ’em
Lazy Line: Panthers -4. […]

NFL Wildcard Wrap-Up

We had to settle for a push on our 3-unit bet on the Colts, leaving the Lazy Lines still in the red for the year. The Wildcard Round verified some of our season-long preferences, though. Our Chip Kelly ATM closed down before we could make one more bet against him, and we neglected to […]