Belmont Stakes

2015 Pro Bono Belmont Stakes Betting Guide

Fading the Pharoah!
Here we go again!
For the third time in the past 4 years, Mardi Gras comes to Long Island. Pundits will pitch bright plastic accolades into crowds of race-going revelers. Bugles will blare. Money will get tossed around like confetti. Babies will be conceived on the Belmont infield, and millions of nongambling Americans will […]

Botching the Belmont?

Knowing when to jump off a bandwagon is as important as knowing when to jump on. However, even when I click on the fabulous new Windows Hindsight Magnifier 1.0, I can’t kick myself too hard for nibbling at a few California Chrome exactas in the Belmont Stakes. The performance-related factors in his favor far outweighed the factors […]

2014 Belmont Stat Blast #1: Past 15 Triple Crown Candidates

Comedian Chris Rock once joked about the low-budget, indie film The Blair Witch Project. “People keep telling me they made it for $100,000. ‘You gotta see it. It’s amazing, and it only cost them $100,000 to make it!’ So I went to see it. Man, I tell ya, somebody’s walking around with $90,000 in their […]

2014 Belmont Stakes: Chrome’s Competition (or Lack Thereof)

Last winter California Chrome fooled me. His victories in races restricted to California state-breds featured pace and final times far inferior to pace and final figures of top stakes horses. That’s pretty much what you’d expect from a winner of restricted minor stakes. So despite his trouncing of those rivals, I saw him as […]