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NFL Conference Championship Lazy Line Bets

Our “Hail Mary” Toss
Just like last year, we enter the conference championship round showing a flat-bet loss on our selections. Just like last year we’ll bank on a team grossly undervalued in the betting line to save our bacon.

Colts at Patriots
Official Line: Patriots –6.5
Lazy Line: Patriots –13. The Patriots are a 4-unit play.

The betting […]

NFL 2014 Divisional Round Bets

The Play That Pays
We admit to struggling to stay profitable in the regular NFL season. Over the past two years, average and mediocre teams wreaked havoc on the LazyLine. However, a strong betting pattern emerged in that span. And a game fitting that pattern surfaces this weekend.

When the LazyLine varies significantly from the official […]

LazyLine NFL Week 16 Betting Selections

Cashing on True Contenders
A few weeks ago, after a string of losing weeks, we focused on games in which the LazyLine differed hugely from the original line. We referred to this as “wide-berth betting” and wagered our maximum bet of 4 units on such games. Most often, top playoff teams qualify as wide-berth bets, […]

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LazyLine NFL Week 15 Betting Selections

Betting Square?
The LazyLine picks were a perfect 2 for 2 last week, and both bets rang up at our maximum of 4 units. With 29 winning units vs. 28 losing ones, we stand at the gate to Profitdom once again. This week, however, we saw slim pickings in terms of possible 4-unit wagers. So […]

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LazyLine NFL Week 14 Betting Selections

Betting on Big Imbalances in the Pointspread
After a disastrous 6-unit loss in Week 12, we took off for the holiday and skipped Week 13. Now we’re back with two 4-unit power picks. Over the past 2 seasons, our largest wagers topped out at 4 units. We stand at 4-1 with those 4-unit selections against […]

LazyLine NFL Week 12 Betting Selections

More Wealth-Gap Wagers
Last week we preached the doctrine of betting on talent-rich offenses (and elite QBs) to defeat poor or hobbled defenses. We selected Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers over the Eagles’ weak secondary and mistake-prone QB Mark Sanchez. We predicted Sanchez would turn the ball over at least twice, and he fulfilled our prophecy. We […]

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LazyLine NFL Week 11 Betting Selections

The NFL Wealth Gap Widens
The scoreboard in recent weeks shows the wealth gap widening between the NFL haves and have-nots. With the defenses of the Bears, Giants, Panthers, Bucs, Raiders, Titans and Jaguars falling to pieces, NFL fans have witnessed some extraordinary blowouts lately.

And on the flip side, top QBs demonstrated clearly what they […]

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LazyLine NFL Week 10 Betting Selections

Wonders of Wide-Berth Betting
Our huge 4-unit score last week pulled the LazyLine bets to within a whisker of even for the year. Since launching public selections in Week 13 last year, the LazyLine has identified 4-unit wagers only 3 times. The record on those wagers is 3-0.
Credit the huge margin of error we uncover for […]

LazyLine NFL Week 9 Betting Selections

Pulling Out of a Nosedive

No wisecracks this week. Just a rock-solid selection to partially make up for our worst week ever last week and a very bad 2-week run.

Lazy Line results for the year: 8 wins and 12 losses against the spread, with 11 winning units vs. 16 losing units. (Using $100 as a base betting unit, we have […]

LazyLine NFL Week 8 Betting Selections

Ebola Panic Yields to Manning Mania
Remember when Peyton Manning adulation reached its peak before last year’s Super Bowl…from sports networks to ad agencies to betting parlors around the globe? During last season’s playoffs we joked around here that pretty much any anchor or analyst at ESPN would get naked and oiled if Manning entered […]