Futures Pool

Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 3 Preview

By our reckoning, Pools 1 and 2 churned up just one value play. We grabbed Noble Moon in Pool 1 at 63-1. He is 1 of just 7 horses from Pool 1 who remain on the Pool 3 list. A few horses just missed our value point in Pool 2, including Bobby’s Kitten who […]

Kentucky Derby Futures Pool #2 Preview

Derby prognosticators…prepare to dance in a minefield. Churchill Downs rolls out its 2nd futures pool this week. About 30% of bets from Pool #1 last November already blew up. And only 9 of the 23 listed horses in Pool #1 show up on the list for Pool #2.

The LazyBettor.com analysis for Pool #1 included […]

Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 1

Churchill Downs now offers you the chance to bet the Kentucky Derby very early. Kind of like betting on which immature green fruit will ripen perfectly months from now. Futures Pool #1 lists 23 two-year-old prospects, many of whom have yet to race around two turns. Quite a risky venture.

One aspect of this pool raises […]