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NFL Week 4: Lazy Line Betting Selections

Week #4:
Lazy Line Picks

I enter week #4 with a perfect record and a $500 profit. As you can tell, I’ve been restricting my bets severely compared to the last 2 years (one profitable year and one losing year). Let’s see if the change in strategy produces 3 profitable (or perfect) weeks in a row.

I had […]

NFL Week #1: Return of the Lazy Line

The Lazy Line picks rallied from a regular season deficit to come within one play of profitability. The Russell Wilson interception that ended Seattle’s Super Bowl repeat hopes also ended our hopes of logging two consecutive profitable seasons with the Lazy Line picks.
Even though I deplore early-season wagering, I found three plays that qualify […]

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NFL Super Bowl: Lazy Line Pick Prevails!

After dancing around the .500 mark all year, the Lazy Line picks ended with a flourish. In nearly omniscient detail (read here), we nailed the winner of the Super Bowl for 4 units. Prior to that we added a bunch of points on our side of the scoreboard with a 4-unit play on the Seahawks over the 49ers.

That […]