NFL Week 4: Lazy Line Betting Selections

Week #4:
Lazy Line Picks

I enter week #4 with a perfect record and a $500 profit. As you can tell, I’ve been restricting my bets severely compared to the last 2 years (one profitable year and one losing year). Let’s see if the change in strategy produces 3 profitable (or perfect) weeks in a row.

I had […]

NFL Week #1: Return of the Lazy Line

The Lazy Line picks rallied from a regular season deficit to come within one play of profitability. The Russell Wilson interception that ended Seattle’s Super Bowl repeat hopes also ended our hopes of logging two consecutive profitable seasons with the Lazy Line picks.
Even though I deplore early-season wagering, I found three plays that qualify […]

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GET PUMPED! The Lazy Bettor Super Bowl Pick Is Here

The Lazy Line selections stumble into the Super Bowl showing a slight loss for the season. Battered sails be damned! There’s some durable duct tape keeping our bet-boat afloat. It’s our maximum-bet selections.

We nailed 8 of our 11 prime bets over the past two NFL seasons, including 4-unit wins in last year’s NFC Championship game and the […]

NFL Super Bowl: Lazy Line Pick Prevails!

After dancing around the .500 mark all year, the Lazy Line picks ended with a flourish. In nearly omniscient detail (read here), we nailed the winner of the Super Bowl for 4 units. Prior to that we added a bunch of points on our side of the scoreboard with a 4-unit play on the Seahawks over the 49ers.

That […]

NFL: WeLCOme to THE cANNAbis BowL

Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana this year. As a direct result, the Broncos and Seahawks tied for the best win-loss record in the league and represent their states in the Super Bowl. Maybe this year we’ll see a different type of Bud commercial!

OK, you probably can name reasons for the success of the […]

NFL Divisional Round (Part 2)

Earlier today we posted the Panthers (pick ’em) as a 2-unit play over the 49ers. After further consideration, we’re adding the Chargers to our weekend ticket as another 2-unit splurge.

Chargers at Broncos (-10)
Lazy Line: Broncos -6. Chargers a 2-unit play.
Comment: Chargers’ coach Mike McCoy demonstrated twice this year that his familiarity with the players […]

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Lazy Line Picks

Week 17 produced 1 winning pick and 1 losing pick on the Lazy Lines. The Steelers romped over the drowning Browns for a 1-unit profit, and the Cardinals lost a tough one at home to the 49ers for a 2-unit loss. Since Week 13 when we started posting them, the Lazy Line picks have […]

NFL Week #17 Lazy Line Plays

I called these final 2 weeks “treacherous,” and last week lived up to that billing. The picks were 0-2 for a 3-unit loss. The tally is now 5-6 against the spread and 9 units up vs. 9 units down.We try to end the regular season on a profitable note by backing two teams that […]

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NFL Week #16 Lazy Line Plays

Last week the Lazy Line plays were 1-1, but the losing Browns were a 2-unit play while the winning Colts were a 1-unit play.

Since we started posting Lazy Line plays in week #13, we’ve gone 5-4 against the spread (ATS) with 9 units of profit and 6 units of losses. Now we head to […]

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NFL Betting: Week 14 Lazy Line Wagers

Last week the Lazy Lines selections yielded one win vs. the spread and 3 losses (for a total of 2 betting units up and 4 units down). The Cardinals (+3.5) gave me 2 units to the plus side by losing by just 3 to the Eagles. The Rams failed to cover in S.F. (minus 1 unit), […]