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2016 NFL Action: Week 5 Bets

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Value Bets & Lazy Lines

The delayed start to the Lazy Bettor NFL betting season served us well. The Lazy Line analysis and bet of the Seahawks (–2) over the Jets was right on target, and my analysis of the O/U opportunity (betting the under) in the Broncos at Bucs game couldn’t […]

2016 NFL Week 4 Bets

Week 4 Lazy Line Bet Seattle –2 at NY Jets Lazy Line: Seattle –4
The focus around the blogosphere is on Russell Wilson’s mobility and his ability to elude the superb Jets’ pass rush. That’s  a valid concern, especially given the sketchy performance this year of the Seahawks’ offensive line.
The real crux of this […]

NFL Week #6: Lazy Line Betting Selections

I found bets in 4 of the 5 weeks of pro football, and found profit in 3 of those 4 weeks. Here in Week #6 of the NFL season, I risk all of that profit on one team I see as grossly underrated under the circumstances against a vastly overrated favorite.
NFL Week #6 Lazy […]

Lazy Line Picks Open NFL Season with Profit

Over the past 2 seasons of making public betting selections, I entered Super Bowl week nearly even. In 2013, the Lazy Line produced 2o winning units vs. 13 losing ones, for a $570 profit (using $100 units).

In 2014, I owned a losing record of 37 winning units to 36 losing ones prior to the Super […]

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NFL: WeLCOme to THE cANNAbis BowL

Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana this year. As a direct result, the Broncos and Seahawks tied for the best win-loss record in the league and represent their states in the Super Bowl. Maybe this year we’ll see a different type of Bud commercial!

OK, you probably can name reasons for the success of the […]

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

The single Lazy Line pick pushed last week, with the Colts tying the spread when defeating the Chiefs. That brings the yearly total (since posting online in Week 13) to 6-7-1, with 10 units of wins and 11 units of losses. Only one pick this week too.

49ers at Panthers pick ’em
Lazy Line: Panthers -4. […]