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GET PUMPED! The Lazy Bettor Super Bowl Pick Is Here

The Lazy Line selections stumble into the Super Bowl showing a slight loss for the season. Battered sails be damned! There’s some durable duct tape keeping our bet-boat afloat. It’s our maximum-bet selections.

We nailed 8 of our 11 prime bets over the past two NFL seasons, including 4-unit wins in last year’s NFC Championship game and the […]

NFL Super Bowl: Lazy Line Pick Prevails!

After dancing around the .500 mark all year, the Lazy Line picks ended with a flourish. In nearly omniscient detail (read here), we nailed the winner of the Super Bowl for 4 units. Prior to that we added a bunch of points on our side of the scoreboard with a 4-unit play on the Seahawks over the 49ers.

That […]

Super Bowl XLVIII: Grab a Comfy Cushion!

by Roger LeBlanc and Terry Tortorich

Official Line: Denver -3
Lazy Line: Seahawks -7. Seahawks are a 4-unit play.
Comments: The opening line varied from one sports book to another, but for the most part the Seahawks opened as the favorites. By game time they might be 3-point ‘dogs everywhere.

After Richard Sherman’s infamous rant at the end […]

NFL: WeLCOme to THE cANNAbis BowL

Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana this year. As a direct result, the Broncos and Seahawks tied for the best win-loss record in the league and represent their states in the Super Bowl. Maybe this year we’ll see a different type of Bud commercial!

OK, you probably can name reasons for the success of the […]