NFL Conference Wrap-Up

The Seahawks delivered a 4-unit win for us, putting the Lazy Line picks in the black. Since we started posting them in Week 13, we’ve notched 8 wins and 8 losses and a push. However, in terms of betting units, we now stand at 16-13. (We erroneously totaled our units as 13-14 last week, but the true tally was 12-13.)

Tooting our own horn briefly, we said Seattle had the better defense and QB and would win the turnover battle. All three factors played out that way, with SF QB Kaepernick (whom we said struggles against good defenses) tossing multiple picks, including one in the red zone in the waning seconds to extinguish the 49ers’ Super Bowl hopes.

We’ll post our Super Bowl pick later next week. Prior to that, we’ll examine beauty marks and blemishes for each team in an effort to dig out a significant stat or special slant you might not read anywhere else.

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