LazyLine NFL Week 9 Betting Selections

Pulling Out of a Nosedive

No wisecracks this week. Just a rock-solid selection to partially make up for our worst week ever last week and a very bad 2-week run.

Lazy Line results for the year: 8 wins and 12 losses against the spread, with 11 winning units vs. 16 losing units. (Using $100 as a base betting unit, we have $1100 in wins and $1660 in losses, for a loss of $560.)

Cardinals at Cowboys
Official Line:
 Cowboys −3
Lazy Line: Cardinals −4. Cardinals are a 4-unit play.

Cardinals get a few key players back on defense, which should shore up their one glaring weakness: pass defense. With Romo hurting and the run game facing a superb Arizona run defense, the Cowboys seem likely to deliver another disappointing performance as a home favorite. Cowboys are 7-21 against the spread in the past 28 games as a home favorite.

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