NFL Wildcard Weekend: Lazy Line Picks

Week 17 produced 1 winning pick and 1 losing pick on the Lazy Lines. The Steelers romped over the drowning Browns for a 1-unit profit, and the Cardinals lost a tough one at home to the 49ers for a 2-unit loss. Since Week 13 when we started posting them, the Lazy Line picks have produced a loss. The 6 wins and 7 losses add up to 10 units of wins and 11 units of losses (minus the vig). We’ll try to turn it around in the playoffs.

Chiefs at Colts -1
Lazy Line: Colts -7. Colts are a 3-unit play.
Comments: The most competitive road teams in the Wildcard round since 2009 have been teams with strong defenses. The Chiefs fit the bill statistically, but the weakness of their schedule distorts reality on this count. In the 6 weeks prior to resting their starters in Week 17, the Chiefs surrendered an average of 31.5 points per game in 4 games vs. playoff teams. They lost all 4 games. Three were important games against division rivals. The other was a loss to the visiting Colts, who dominated both lines of scrimmage and likely will do so again.

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